Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great break and is excited to get back to the pool. The first swim/tri practice is Wednesday, January 3rd and polo starts Friday, January 5th.

All 2017 memberships have expired. You will need to complete all three steps below before January 15 or your Buzzcard/Access Card will stop working. Let’s get this done today!

Thanks if you have already completed everything!


Steve Doney ART Treasurer

Tam Vo Membership Director


Everyone needs to complete all steps:

Step #1 – Complete our 2018 Membership Form
Just click on the link below and complete the membership form. If you have a Buzzcard, you’ll need to enter the card number.

Click Here to Complete the Membership Form

Step # 2 – Pay your 2018 ART Dues
Dues for 2018 have been reduced!! You’ll need to pay dues on PayPal by credit card, debit card or directly from a checking account. The dues are $95 for your first quarter and $75 for each additional quarter ($320 for the year, that’s $40 less than 2017). You’ll save $50 if you pay annual dues. Annual Dues are $270 for 2018, $25 less than last year. The dues are the same no matter which, or how many, sports you participate in.

Click Here to Pay Dues (scroll down to the bottom of the webpage)

Step # 3 – Swimmers and Triathletes Join USMS; Water Polo Players Join USAWP

All Trout members are required to join the national governing organization for their sport(s) in order for our liability coverage to be valid in addition to you being able to participate in meets and competition. We will be verifying everyone’s membership for compliance with this requirement.

Click Here to Join or Renew United States Masters Swimming Membership
The club’s official abbreviation is “ART”.

Water polo players must join USA Water Polo. Team Code 1253.

Step # 4 – Join Our Email Distribution List

  • Send an email to this email address: artannounce-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  • If you aren’t on our distribution list, you won’t know about pool closures, practice cancelations or important team announcements.

Step # 5 – Get a CRC Access Card
If you are new to the team or just have never gotten a CRC Access Card, please stop by the CRC Membership Desk before practice to obtain one. Everyone who uses CRC facilities is REQUIRED to have one. You’ll need your driver’s license and a check or credit card. Tell them that you are a Trout team member and need to get an access card.

In 2018, GT plans to only allow people without a card in only twice unless you are on a two-week trial. After that, you will be denied entry. In the past, you may have been able to talk your way in, but they will now ask for your driver’s license if you don’t have a card and keep track of entry without a card.

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