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How it all began

The Atlanta Rainbow Trout...

swim team began with 9 swimmers who returned from the 1995 International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) Championships in Montreal with the small team trophy. Our first practice was at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, site of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. The pool was still outdoors at the time and wouldn’t be enclosed until 2002.

Fast forward a bit

The Atlanta Rainbow Trout water polo team was founded in 1998 in anticipation of the 1999 IGLA Championships hosted by the Trout in Atlanta. In 2003, The Atlanta Rainbow Trout added the triathlon team and we’ve maintained these three competitive team sports for over a decade.

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Going worldwide

In 2005, the Trout hosted its second IGLA championship in Atlanta with the theme “Reflections”, focusing on the history of IGLA. In 2007 the Trout brought home the small team trophy from the IGLA Championships in Paris. Today the team is stronger than ever and continues to grow.

Swimmers continue to break Masters-level records at national and international tournaments, the triathlon team has expanded to include a broader range of competitions, and the water polo team earned its first gold medal in an international tournament in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015.

Join the team

We are very proud of our team and grateful to the sponsors, members, boards, and volunteers who have supported its success since that first practice in 1995. We look forward to providing these opportunities for swimmers, water polo players, and triathletes for years to come.
See you at the pool.